Helping You Succeed at Business

Helping You Succeed at Business

Hire a corporate lawyer in the Miami, FL area

Do you have big plans for the future of your business? Do you want to grow your company in the next five to ten years?

If so, our attorney can help! By drawing on decades of legal experience, Philip L. Coller, PA can provide you with the tools you need to succeed with your business startup. He’s a savvy attorney who has the knowledge required to support your efforts. Your business will be in good hands!

Our Miami, FL attorney can do it all

Don’t embark on your business venture without capable guidance from an experienced lawyer. Philip L. Coller can:

  • Set up your LLC, partnership or corporation
  • Help you obtain your tax ID numbers
  • Streamline your paperwork
  • Issue stock to partners and employees
  • Issue stock to partners, stock holders and employees
  • Preparing corporate minutes
  • Assisted annual meetings with prepared minutes

Get help for your Miami, FL business formation. Call 305-279-9200 to request a no-cost consultation with Philip L. Coller.