Find a Trustworthy Probate Attorney in Miami, FL

Find a Trustworthy Probate Attorney in Miami, FL

Our lawyer will streamline the probate process

Losing a loved one is never easy. It’s made even more difficult when your family member didn’t leave behind a clear plan for the distribution of his or her assets and property.

Don’t stress out trying to navigate the probate court system on your own. Get help from a smart and capable attorney – call Philip L. Coller, PA today!

Our Miami, Florida lawyer can help with your probate case

Even a well-planned estate has to go through probate court. If there’s no will or trust, the process can take much longer. Don’t let your case drag on for months or years. Philip L. Coller can help with:

  • Helping famlies find assets and prepare the proper documents
  • Ensuring an easy transfer of property
  • Guiding families through the the probate system

Trust an attorney who is willing to help simplify the probate system leaving you feel less stressed in your time of need. Leave your Miami, Florida probate law issues to our attorney. Call 305-279-9200 to request a free consultation with Miami’s Philip L. Coller.